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Garden Soil


What is Cup of Grow?

Cup of Grow is a company committed to selling the perfect all-natural fertilizer that enriches all plants by providing them with essential nutrients to grow strong and healthy, while keeping harmful chemicals out of the mix!

What can I use Cup of Grow on?

Cup of Grow is an all-purpose fertilizer and can be used on indoor/outdoor plants, gardens, flowers, shrubs, grass, etc.

How do I use Cup of Grow?

Simply scoop 1-2 teaspoons of solution (using the scoop provided) into a gallon of water and proceed to shake for 20 seconds. Then, use the fertilizer on all your plants...its that easy!

Why should I use Cup of Grow instead of coffee grounds?

Coffee grounds provide a great source of Nitrogen but they are high in acidity which can cause harm to certain plants, especially when not used in the correct amounts. Cup of Grow solves both of these problems by providing a PH-balanced coffee-based formula and perfectly measuring out the solution needed for all your plants!

How fast is shipping? When will I receive my order?

FAST! Your order will be fulfilled same business day and you should expect your order within 5 business days (in most cases within a few days)!

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