A Cup of Joe for You and a Cup of Grow for Your Plants

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I'm Braxton Miller.

My family and I are avid gardeners and we believe there is nothing better than the taste of fresh vegetables, as well as the sight of beautiful, vibrant plants lighting up our landscaping!


However, not every year provided us with achievement as we struggled to find the perfect fertilizer, technique, etc. that would consistently provide us with the results we were looking for. This ultimately led me on my journey to developing Cup of Grow!

One fact about me...

I've experienced firsthand the awful damage chemical fertilizers cause to not only the environment, but also to the plants we are trying to grow! Not to's hard to feel safe eating the same produce that was grown with those harmful chemicals! Safe to say that my development of Cup of Grow came from a passion of both eliminating the need for chemicals and providing an effective fertilizer year in and year out. 


Through the years of
   Extensive Testing...

II was able to perfect Cup of Grow's proprietary formula that includes a long list of special ingredients contributing to its analysis of macro and micro nutrients that are essential to every plants growth and survival.


Just one of the many factors that separates Cup of Grow from the competition is its addition of a coffee-base to its formula. With the perfect amount in every added scoop, Cup of Grow is able to provide all plants with the benefits of this coffee-base, while keeping the formula PH-balanced and safe for all plants!

I've mentioned the term
    "ALL PLANTS" alot...

...and the reason is because Cup of Grow is all-purpose and will perform wonders on houseplants, gardens, shrubs, outdoor plants, flowers, etc.


Your plants will thrive with Cup of Grow and once you make the switch, your plants will thank you! When most people think about all-natural fertilizers, they assume this means "not effective"...and with most of the all-natural fertilizers I have tried out, they would be right! But with Cup of Grow, my fertilizer contains the right ingredients in the right amounts to ensure it doesn't just stay as effective, but is more effective than the chemical fertilizers on the market today!

Cute Puppy
STILL STACK 4_edited.jpg

For years, I along with other
 Countless Customers...

...have reaped the benefits of Cup of Grow year after year and I recommend you make the switch as well.


I developed Cup of Grow, the 1st ever coffee-based all-natural fertilizer, to provide growers like yourself an eco-friendly but super-effective alternative that will allow you to help me make the world a better place one plant at a time!


Thank you and happy growing!

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A Cup of Joe for You and a Cup of Grow for Your Plants

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